120506 KPOP Star Documentary BEAST (en sub)

We told you that we were almost done, and we’ll have it up soon. So we did. Under 24 hours since airing time ;) WHO’S THE B2ST. keke. Enjoy this guys, as much as we enjoyed subbing it ❤ (although, psst, we could really do without the messages you sent about subbing it “asap” or asking how far along we are.. it just makes us more tired..)


Merry BEASTMAS everyone!

Merry merry Christmas to all the B2UTYs out there! ^_^ Here at YOUNATHEB2ST we brought you a little gift~ It’s none other than the boys’ fails 8D Do what you need to do ^_^

11219 MNET Wide - FILA Photoshoot BTS

We’re back!

Woohoo, yes we’re back with a release specially on Junhyung’s birthday! It’s been a while, but we hope we still have your interest ;-; YOUNATHEB2ST brings you, 111217 MBC Human Documentary, That Day BEAST cut~ *throws confetti*

A b2utiful insight on the trouble our boys go through just to put on a show for us. The sweat, the pain, the love.. Feel it all! Spread, reblog, retweet, do everything to spread the word about the video :) Enjoy b2uties

110712 1 vs 100 BEAST cut (subbed)

Late since I’ve been procrastinating on this lol, but it’s finally out~ One of the rare times that Kikwang gets to troll on his members. For everyone who has been posting your thanks and appreciation for us in the ask box, thank you so much ♥ We would reply to each and everyone of you but we’ll just be spamming your timelines and dashboard lol. Just know we read it all and we’re thankful for your support!

Also, there’s users asking if we’re subbing some shows. We have no plans to sub those for now, but if we do, we’ll let you know ^_^ btw, download link for this video will come tomorrow once I get back from work. It’s 3AM, I should head to bed

bye-yeommmm ♥

110716 KBS Entertainment Relay (en)

As usual, spread the word and support ♥

Radio Star is finally here! Sorry for the long wait, I was busy lately and couldn’t time as quickly as I wished. But it’s finally here so enjoy, spread the word and follow us on twitter & subscribe on youtube!